The Sausage Story

In 2014, Not Dogs kicked off the meat-free journey in muddy festival fields building up a loyal tribe of fans that followed the brand to the first fast-casual restaurant that opened in 2016. 

Not Dogs is now focusing efforts to bring the unique style of meat-free fast food to more people by collaborating with theme parks and other leisure destinations across the UK.


The Mission - To Make Fast Food Meat-Free

Not Dogs answers the demand for great tasting,

trustworthy fast food that’s not only better for us, animals and the environment but more accessible and appealing to everyone; vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters alike.

Not Dogs changes perceptions of fast food. We make traditional, old-fashioned fast food a thing of the past and bring meat-free fast food to the mainstream. We believe meat-free is the future of fast food and Not Dogs do it better than anyone else.


Our Aims - Better Fast Food for Us, Animals and the Planet

  • To help people reduce their processed meat intake by creating delicious, satisfying fast food that tastes as good (actually better!) than meat counterparts

  • To contribute positively towards climate change. Eating less meat is the single biggest, and easiest, way to reduce our environmental impact on the planet

  • To take a step towards preventing animal cruelty and suffering and to help others do the same in a simple, compassionate and trustworthy way


Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

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